Will both eyes be done together?

PRK will only be performed one eye at a time (see differences between PRK and Lasik) while Lasik and clear lens extraction can offer both eyes simultaneously.

However, it is worth noting that the guidelines from the Royal College of Ophathmologists recommending against this date back to 1997 and have now been superseded by accepted general practice worldwide.

One Response to “Will both eyes be done together?”

  1. Accuvision Clinic says:

    A more advanced surface treatment called Trans-epithelial Surface Treatment has now superceded PRK. Both eyes can now be safely treated at the same time. This ‘all laser’ procedure prepares the surface of the eye using a laser to remove the epithelium, requiring no damaging alcohol to soften the surface layer. The laser treatment is then applied in the normal way and a bandage contact lens is applied to protect the treated area and aid recovery. Trans-epithelial Surface treatment promotes rapid healing of the epithelium and patients do not have to worry about a flap.

    This treatment is ideal for those patients with thin corneas or those who play contact sports and run the risk of flap displacement.