Where do I go for Laser Eye Surgery?

At present unless you live in a town or city of more 250,000 people you will almost certainly have to travel.

There are very few conventional optical practices that offer “on site” surgery therefore you will have to attend a specialist clinic which will probably mean an overnight stay in a local hotel however, this is usually arranged by the clinic.

One Response to “Where do I go for Laser Eye Surgery?”

  1. Accuvision Clinic says:

    There were 138 Laser Eye Surgery clinics registered in the UK in 2009. Most are situated in major towns or cities. Larger towns and cities can boast more than one provider so offering choice to the prospective patient.

    For laser eye surgery it is usual for the patient to be asked to attend a one day check up after surgery and this is where overnight accomodation is sometimes required.

    Perhaps the question to be asked is “How far should I go for laser eye surgery?”

    There are significant differences between providers of laser eye surgery. High Street clinics offer convenience but suffer from trying to sell Laser Eye Surgery as you would a hairdressers or beauty clinic. Prospective patients have to understand that it is a surgical procedure and therefore specialist help and advice should be offered and not “Book next week and get it for half price!”

    So do your research! And when you find a clinic who YOU feel has your future vision at heart, contact them for an assessment – wherever they they are in the UK. Remember, it is your future vision that you will have to trust them with.