What is the success rate of Laser Eye Surgery?

There some clinics that are accused of only accepting easy or straight forward cases. Depending on your perspective this may good or bad.

However, a clinic that operates a stringent screening procedure rather than an “accept all” policy driven by finance has to be commended. The final result will often depend upon the complexity of the original prescription and no one will be able to guarantee 100% success.

If nothing less than perfection will satisfy you do not take the risk.

One Response to “What is the success rate of Laser Eye Surgery?”

  1. Accuvision Clinic says:

    It is important to note that different clinics operate different lasers. Lasers like the Wavelight Allegretto laser remove less corneal tissue per dioptre and are therefore able to treat higher prescriptions within the safety standards laid down. Different clinics also have varying levels of experience and expertise so ability to treat also depends on the clinic that you wish to attend. There are clinics that can safely treat from -14.00 to +8.00 by having a highly skilled and experienced surgeon who is capable of using advanced laser technology. High and complex prescriptions can be treated safely and have been over the last 10 years or more but this is not available at all clinics.

    If you have a high or complex prescription you need to research your options carefully so that you seek a consultation at a clinic that is capable of safely treating you.