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Laser Eye Surgery Documentary Film

Tuesday, January 12th, 2010

This instructional video will go through the following stages in the LASIK laser eye surgery operation. Before you watch the video, please read these notes:

Prior to the start of the video a local anaesthetic has been administered to eliminate any feeling and a surgical clamp fitted to prevent lid movent. The video shows the 6 subsequent stages:

Flap Preparation

  1. Flap preparation (cutting the outer corneal surface to access the layer to be lasered).
  2. Flap lifting and operation area cleaned.
  3. Fitting the eye tracker (to improve the accuracy of the ablation by locking the laser onto any eye movement).
  4. Laser ablation.
  5. Flap repositioning (healing process starts immediately).
  6. End of surgery.

Laser Ablation

In order to watch the videos you need DivX which you canĀ download here (20.6Mb) if you do not already have it (if the video doesn’t play or only plays sound – you need to download it).

Download the video (13Mb) wishes to thank Alcon Laboratories for their cooporation and sponsorship of the video in conjunction with the Ophthalmology Department of Vienna University.

Laser Eye Surgery Film

Monday, January 11th, 2010

What better way is there to answer your questions on laser eye surgery than to show you an operation in action? The video below shows a real LASIK laser eye treatment being done on a patient.